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  10 Most Memorable Moments From The Original Pokemon Anime

  By Jessica Thomas

  Published Jun 22, 2021


  There were some fantastic moments captured in the original Pokemon anime. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable.


  The first Indigo League was the first season of Pokemon, and in many fans’ opinions, the best season the anime has ever seen. The first few seasons of Pokemon were much darker and contained more sensitive material, like Pokemon?harm. This isn’t touched on in recent seasons, as the series has gone in a much more happy-go-lucky direction.

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  Even the movies are much more toned down than “Mewtwo Strikes Back” and “Pokemon 2000.” Unsurprisingly the more serious tone in the Indigo league created a lot of memorable moments for the show that fans have remembered into adulthood. Below are ten moments that prove just how incredible some of the episodes were.


  Sabrina laughing with Haunter

  Episodes: 22 – 24

  Sabrina broke the gym battle formula completely with the fact that she was a horror antagonist waiting to happen. Sabrina literally turned battle losers into dolls for her, look-alike doll to play with. This forced Ash to go capture a ghost-type Pokemon, where he and Pikachu were almost killed.

  While Ash and Pikachu did survive all these ordeals, it still gives fans chills when it first aired.

  Island of Giant Pokemon Blastoise

  Episode: 72

  You probably got a bit excited as a kid when you learned about the giant ancient Pokemon. In episode 72, a Giant tattooed Gengar, and Alakazam duked it out and almost went on an apocalyptic rampage. They were only stopped by a giant Jigglypuff who sang them to sleep in the nick of time.

  The episode opened the series up to some big reveals connected to the ancient world of Pokemon, but since has been all but forgotten.


  St. Anne Crash

  Episodes: 16 – 17

  Pretty early into the Indigo League, Ash and crew board the St. Anne. A ship that ends up sinking with them on board after running into a rather bad storm. The friends, along with Team Rocket, must work their way out of a sunken ship that is quickly filling with water, as they were knocked unconscious and left behind while the ship sank.

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  The anime even has a scene where they are pronounced dead by the local Officer Jenny.


  Episode: 46

  This episode shows a location in Kanto called the Grampa Canyon, where fossils of ancient Pokemon can be found. Thanks to Team Rocket, Ash, along with Jessie, James, and Meowth, fall into a cavern below the canyon. It’s here that they meet some very violent living fossils.

  The episode showed a more primal side to these Pokemon, which isn’t really present in the later seasons.


  Misty nursing a Cubone

  Episode: 47

  ”A Chansey Operation” is the episode right after “Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon” and will hit you just as hard. This time Team Rocket has wrecked a truck full of Pokemon, overwhelming the nearby Pokemon Center; at the same time, Pikachu chokes on an apple leading Ash and friends to get involved with helping Nurse Joy.

  Misty even mentions at the end of the episode that she is interested in becoming a doctor one day.

  Three Clefairies looking adorable

  Episode: 62

  Not every memorable episode is doom and gloom. In episode 62, you will find a lot of interesting facts about the Clefairy out, including the fact that they are able to build and repair spaceships. In fact, the episode even reveals that Jigglypuff is likely another alien Pokemon type.

  While the Clefairy don’t complete their ship, the anime shows that they do continue their efforts to return to their homeworld.


  Charmander After Being Abandoned

  Episode: 11

  The original series featured three back-to-back episodes about Ash collecting all the starters. Every one of these was memorable, especially in the case of the Squirtle Squad, but Charmander’s story stands out the most to fans. Charmander was actually left by its original trainer, and Ash had to save it.

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  Afterward, the Pokemon Center has to work to keep Charmanders flame going and Ash meets one of the scummiest trainers in the whole series Damian who initially left Charmander so that it would “grow stronger.”

  Meowth Reading a book

  Episode: 70

  Not only does this episode show everyone heading to Hollywood, but it also gives Meowth’s full backstory. In the story, it’s revealed that Meowth taught himself to talk in order to woo a female Meowth that he was smitten with. Meowth thought that if he could become a human, Meowzie would return his feelings.

  In the present, the episode shows Meowth run into Meowzie again, who is now a street cat. After winning a battle with the help of Jessie and James, though, she once again rejects him.


  James and Growlie

  Episode: 48

  James is another Team Rocket character with a backstory episode. It’s revealed in episode 48 that James comes from a wealthy family, has a Growlithe with its own mansion, and a fiance who looks strangely similar to Jesse. James’ parents want nothing more than to marry off James to Jessebelle so that he can have kids.

  Jessebelle is a pretty toxic partner and the initial reason that James felt he needed to leave home. Being forced to see her again only strengthened his resolve to be in Team Rocket.

  Pikachu ignoring Ash

  Episode: 1

  The very first episode of Pokemon is memorable for its very heavy-handed introduction of Ash and Pikachu to the series. The series begins with Ash receiving Pikachu because he overslept and missed the first three starters. Pikachu, however, is less than thrilled with being around people and shocks Ash.

  This leads to Ash having to drag him on a string up what appears to be Route 1 and Pikachu eventually becoming the target of a group of Spearows. After they decide to attack the pair, Ash takes the brunt of the damage, saving Pikachu’s life and officially starting their friendship.

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