[Edge Of Eternity]Edge of Eternity JRPG Review: A Touch of Corrosion


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  The majority of media sees aliens as a threat. And in the world of Heryon, it is no different. Use everything at your disposal in the Edge of Eternity JRPG. And fight back against this extraterrestrial threat. In this turn-based RPG, you’ll have to summon power from the depths of your soul.

  You can find the game from Midgar Studio on Steam for $29.99.

  Edge of Eternity JRPG turn-based RPG conversation at a table The world of Heryon currently lies in ruins. Some time ago, a malevolent alien presence landed on Earth. In this turn-based RPG, Deryon and Selene must fight something new. The aliens that attacked them years ago have released the Corrosion. Known as the Archelites, these creatures were once peaceful with humans. But, for a reason unknown to the humans, the aliens decided annihilation was the best course of action.

  Overall, it was a believable story. There were always strong emotions entwined with events. But the flatness of some voice lines made it hard to feel what some scenes tried to convey. And while it made me take a step back, it was only an occasional problem. Missions were spaced enough the story advanced at a nice pace. It didn’t feel like a lot of work getting from one chapter to the next. Despite the tone of the story itself, there were quite a few laughs. Two characters even provided a ‘Team Rocket’-like comic relief to things.

  Edge of Eternity JRPG turn-based RPG

  Controls for the Edge of Eternity JRPG were fairly simple. Using a grid system with hexagonal spaces, the game determines where on the battlefield characters would move. Each ‘moveable’ space was highlighted in blue. Any space with an enemy was colored in red. If one of your characters was unfortunate enough to be next to one, your character would be in danger of guaranteed critical strikes. The way characters moved over the battlefield was similar to Final Fantasy XIII. As a huge fan of most things Final Fantasy, it felt like an homage to the series.

  Seeing that the battlefield was determined with hexagons was interesting. It felt a little easier to fight this way. As a turn-based RPG, it felt a little easier to fight than in something like Star Ocean 3. My favorite part of the gameplay had to be the ‘action controls’. The interface reminded me of?Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. Anyone who’s played that title should find the attack system here very familiar. Fans of the average turn-based RPG will almost certainly love the controls.

  Selene is able to use magic as a priestess. But for someone of a warrior class like Daryon, special crystals must be equipped to execute things like Lightning Strike. Battles also gave players a readout of objectives to complete. The more one completes, the more money received after a battle is over.

  Edge of Eternity turn-based RPG large monster in dungeon

  Edge of Eternity is a JRPG that stays true to its roots. As an expansive open-world, there was a beauty to the vast expanse of land in the game. The environment was beautiful and vibrant. I could see myself wandering the land for hours before going on a mission. Monsters and animals came in various shapes and sizes. And they each had a unique set of attacks. My favorite creature had to be the golems found in glowing caves. Each time they executed a special attack, the marks on their body would glow with energy.

  Outside of battle, the music provides a somber backdrop. As Daryon and Selene explore the bright landscape, the tone of the audio provides a sense of hopelessness. While engaged in battle, an adrenaline-pumping orchestral number plays for one’s ears. But when creatures of a mystical nature are encountered, a light melody would play. It was good to hear the difference in enemies through the music.

  I noticed one glaring glitch during my playthrough. Selene’s avatar, for some reason or another, had the chest area shake while the priestess was not even moving. It’s appreciated that they wanted to make the body behave realistically. However, something must have gone really wrong in the coding. This put a huge halt on the immersion once it came to my attention. After perhaps a dozen battles, I still saw the glitch. And exiting the game also did not remedy the situation. But I do hope it’s something that can be fixed with a future update.

  All around,?the Edge of Eternity JRPG was a solid game. Having played titles with similar mechanics before, I felt right at home when I started playing. Having the Archelites as the big bad was also a nice touch. It’s not often I see a fantasy RPG that employs aliens as part of the universe. With easy-to-learn controls, and an immersive skill system, building a strong character is an easy task. It’s a great title if you’re looking to stay busy for hours. And with the exception of the weird glitch regarding Selene, I was not bothered by much. So give it a chance if you’re a Final Fantasy fan.

  Edge of Eternity tells the tale of Daryon and Selene, siblings tasked with saving the world from aliens. The problem with these? They’ve been here for years and have continued to lay waste to the earth. But hope dawns on the horizon. Where will you lead the duo? Overall Score Good Pros:Easy-to-learn controlsAn immersive skill system that’s easy to understandTwo camera angles for battleExpansive open-world landscapeEnemy difficulty was well-balanced Cons:Dialogue sometimes felt more dramatic than the scene wasGlaring visual glitch with Selene avatarEasy to get ‘stuck’ in cave tunnelsNo ability to walk over rock slightly higher than characters’ ankles/5 (0 votes)

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