[Detective From The Crypt]Detective from the Crypt emerges on Steam


  It’s hard to move on in the afterlife when your whole family suddenly died under mysterious circumstances, as you’ll want to linger a while and see if you can learn what happened. A little supernatural investigating is precisely what’s on tap in Detective from the Crypt, a newly released point-and-click adventure from the creator of last year’s Cat and Ghostly Road.

  Players assume the role of Jane – or rather her ghost, who awakens in the family crypt and must now try to figure out who or what caused the death of her and her parents. Fortunately she is able to communicate with other spectres in the cemetery, so Jane must find out what they know and explore her family’s Victorian estate in search of evidence. She’ll even have a laboratory at her disposal in order to help deduce the truth, as well as a spectral cat companion who is both your “friend and an assistant.”

  As with the developer’s previous game, Detective from the Crypt is a lovely hand-painted, third-person point-and-click adventure. Here the colour palette is much more muted, however, as you levitate through the graveyard and estate grounds by moonlight, as well as thoroughly search the many lantern- and candle-lit rooms inside the family mansion. The latter includes a “home museum” with its own impressive collection of ancient Egyptian mummies (more dead people!) and other artifacts.?

  The best news of all is that there’s no need to wait if you’re ready to get started, as Detective from the Crypt is available now on Steam for Windows and Linux.?