[Pokémon Brilliant Diamond]Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: 5 Questions The Remakes Should Answer


  Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl have Pokemon fans excited to reexperience the Sinnoh region. With any luck, they’ll answer these pressing questions.

  By Kirkland Fortner

  Published Jun 08, 2021


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  The fourth generation of the?Pokemon?franchise was revealed to the world in 2006 with the release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Players were introduced to the Sinnoh?Region and the various Pokemon who live there.?Later this year, players will get to return to Sinnoh and explore further in?Brilliant Diamond?and?Shining Pearl?on the Switch. That’s a great thing because players have questions.

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  There are mysteries and unanswered questions running all through Diamond and Pearl about everything from the purpose of certain locations in the game to the behavior of the Region’s Trainers. Will these questions be answered in the remakes?


  Foreign Building in Hearthome City

  This question has been bounced around all over the internet for years. In Hearthome City there is a cathedral-like?structure called the?Foreign Building, many players refer to it as “Hearthome Cathedral”. It stands out as not only being one of the most distinct areas in the game, but perhaps in all of Pokemon When you enter Hearthome City, the cathedral is likely the first location that you are drawn to and by far the most mysterious. Upon entering the cathedral, players a struck by the silence. The game’s music stops. There is no ambient noise, only the in-game sound effects. The developers obviously wanted to convey that this was an important and sacred place.

  However, as you explore the cathedral, you find out nothing. There are “worshipers” there that allude to various things about the Creation Trio, and Arceus?(the Pokemon equivalent of a deity), but nothing?concrete?is ever directly revealed.?Others talk about the relationship between people and Pokemon, and otherworldly abilities. One lady even speaks mysteriously of?the balance between spirit and nature, and life in the Pokemon world but there are no real details. It’s disappointing at best.

  In the end, the Foreign Building serves no purpose in the original Diamond and Pearl. Players can 100% these?games and never once set foot in it. This area is far too strange and mysterious for it to just do nothing. Why is the cathedral there? What real purpose does it serve? Hopefully, the remakes will expand this area and make it something truly meaningful.

  Articuno & Weavile Mid Battle

  Diamond and Pearl is set in the Sinnoh Region of the Pokeverse. One major distinction of Sinnoh is that it is a distinctly cold and mountainous region compared to the 3 that came before it. This would lead you to believe that the Pokemon would match that theming as well, but they don’t. There are only 2 Ice-types in the entire regional dex (Weavile and Abomasnow), and other kinds of snow/cold dwelling Pokemon are also absent.

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  The kicker about this whole this is how they never give any kind of in-universe explanation for this oddity, (Outside of the regional dex in general just being terrible) they made a colder region with a lack of Pokemon to match that and they just expect you to buy into it. Platinum remedied this with its much better regional dex, so if the remakes take after that game this could be answered, but it remains a mystery otherwise.


  Gardenia & Volkner In The Anime

  The way that trainer AI works in Gen 4 is that there are 8 different difficulties they can be set to, with 0 being the easiest and 7 being the hardest. Pokemon set to AI 0 select moves completely at random with no strategy being put into their decisions (Wild Pokemon also use this AI), while AI 1 makes it so Pokemon won’t perform actually useless actions (Like using Last Resort when they haven’t used their other moves yet), and the rest of the settings just further increase the intelligence of the Trainers and Pokemon.

  However, not a single trainer in the entirety of Diamond and Pearl (Champion included) has an?AI set to a difficulty higher than 1. Why? This has never been addressed in any form of a statement?from the developers?and there is not even?a line of text in the games themselves that allude to it. This is something the remakes need to clarify, even if it’s just by changing it. The question is too bizarre to just be left unanswered.

  Dynamaxed Pangoro From Sword & Shield

  Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?are the latest Pokemon remakes?in the series.?They had ties back to the original generation-specific battle mechanic, Mega Evolution. It is certainly possible that the Diamond and Pearl remakes could do something similar with Dynamaxing as it is the main feature of Generation 8.

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  There is a lot about Dynamaxing we still do not know about from Sword and Shield. We know that Dynaxming exists because of Eternatus crashing landing into Galar from space a very long time ago and that it’s the only Pokemon capable of having an?Eternamax form but that’s really about it. With Sword and Shield and these new remakes being created in the same generation, this opens up a lot of possibilities for answering questions about Dynamazing as a whole.


  Regieleki & Regidrago's Character Designs

  Diamond and Pearl?gave us the introduction of Regigigas, the master of the trio known as the Legendary Titans, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. However, a lot has changed since those days, due to Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra giving us 2 new members of the group, Regieleki, and Regidrago. This becomes very interesting once you consider how Diamond and Pearl used these Pokemon. You needed to bring the original 3 titans to Regigigas into the Snowpoint Temple in order to awaken it and have a chance to capture it. So this begs the question, will Regieleki and Regidrago be needed as well? Perhaps you need to transfer Regieleki and Regidrago from Sword and Shield to have them in the remakes, or maybe they’ll be included within the remakes themselves, complete with their own battles and areas so you can get them that way. There is a lot that could be done with this.

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  Brock, the Kanghaskan Kid, and Registeel


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