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Alien Isolation fans are sure to love this selection of survival horror titles sure to get your heart racing.

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Many fans of the Alien franchise found themselves surprised and pleased with Alien: Isolation. Not only that, but it also appealed to those who like sci-fi and to lovers of the Survival Horror genre. It’s a memorable game that got everything right, from the graphics to the setting. Playing through the game feels like being transported into an old Alien movie, complete with unwanted visitors.

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The retro vision of futuristic technology, claustrophobia, and the Xenomorph all contribute to this fantastic atmosphere. Although Alien: Isolation is extraordinary, it’s not the only game to present a horrifying sci-fi experience.? It’s also not the only game that makes you feel preyed upon by unspeakable horrors. Here are some other titles that fans of Alien: Isolation will enjoy.


System Shock is a classic sci-fi horror game developed by Looking Glass Technologies in 1994. You control a nameless hacker who makes a deal with a mega-corporation. The hacker should take control of a space station’s A.I. in exchange for freedom. After a six-month coma, you wake up to find out the artificial intelligence has taken over the facility.

Like any other game from its time, System Shock’s mechanics feel old today. Still, it is a great horror game that pioneered many ideas that are still used as inspiration by modern titles.

Dispatcher a zombie screams in horror Cropped

In Dispatcher, a mysterious monster infiltrates a space station where you are. Trapped in a space station, you have to deal with dangerous creatures and jump scares while trying to find a way out. Dispatcher puts you in a scenario that constantly plays off claustrophobia.

The darkness, along with a constantly ominous environment, causes frequent anxiety during the exploration. Since the game is always trying to keep you on edge, it’s hard to predict when the next scary thing will happen.


Doom 3: A lost soul attacks the Doom marine

Nowadays, most people are more familiar with the game distributed by Bethesda. However, there was a Doom game with a much scarier approach. Doom 3 was a game with tight, dark corridors and a sinister ambiance. Demons would stay in the dark and suddenly attack.

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Doom 3 used the darkness of the game to keep you on your toes. There is a constant need to use a flashlight on the surroundings, but you cannot do it while holding up any of your guns. A tough choice awaits.

Dead Space 3 Necromorph Isaac Clarke

One of the most acclaimed sci-fi games of all time; Dead Space scared many players when it first came out. The franchise might not rely on claustrophobia and darkness as much as others, but it has some of the scariest moments in the genre. It has crazy scientists, a weird cult, and undead space monsters.

Dead Space is a franchise that was clearly influenced by Resident Evil 4 and the Cosmic Horror sub-genre. Somehow, the many different elements that inspired this game fit together perfectly. Although a remake of the game would be nice, it still looks good enough to be enjoyed.


Prey Mimic and Morgan with a wrench

There is a significant difference between Prey and most sci-fi horror games. In Prey, you get to shoot down things and use special abilities that add an element of power fantasy to the game. Even so, it does not take the game away from the horror genre.

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It has a well-constructed, fleshed-out setting and terrifying enemies. One of the greatest horror elements in Prey comes from a specific alien in the game. Mimics are a type of monster that can disguise themselves as literally anything. A feature that turns almost everyone into a paranoid wreck constantly pointing a gun at chairs.

Syndrome - stuck in a tight place with an enemy

Syndrome is another game that features many of the space horror themes that we are used to seeing. It has a dark ambiance, tight corridors, ship noises, and so on. In this game, the main character wakes up from a cryo-sleep and finds out that the whole crew is dead.

You will have to look for answers while trying to survive the weird creatures. Ammo is scarce, so stealth is valued in Syndrome. It is not the greatest game out there, but it can be a good experience for those who like the genre.


Hollow - An enemy approaches

In Hollow, you control a nameless pilot that lands on a mining facility that is orbiting Jupiter. The installation has nothing new for fans of the genre. The areas of the mining facility feel tight, dark, and empty. The game starts by building your anxiety in an unoriginal but effective way. It does not show much, but it causes a constant feeling that something terrible is about to happen.

Like many other similar games, the objective is to survive and escape. The mining facility is overrun by murderous creatures that come from the dark to kill you. Turning on the power is the pilot’s only chance to leave.

Glowcoma - the main character points his gun to the monstrosities

Due to an Alien invasion in Eastern Europe, humans are about to be extinct. Most people on the planet have been killed, and you are humanity’s last hope. Glowcoma is a beautiful game that makes use of the Unreal Engine to put you in ominous locations.

Although the game is sold as a horror game, it plays more like a survival shooter. Places feel dangerous, and the enemies are gruesome, but you solve situations by shooting them until they’re dead. Still, Glowcoma is a cheap short game that is worth playing.


Close Contact - the main character is carefully walking around to avoid the monster

Following the trend of tight, dark corridors, Close Contact is a game that is quite similar to Alien: Isolation. This game is short and driven by its narrative. You are launched from orbit to an underground facility. The original objective of the main character is to join scientists who are studying the planet’s biochemistry.

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Before going to this planet, the protagonist receives an ocular implant. Upon arrival, you find out that the lights emitted by the implant attract an alien creature. Walking around with closed eyes is an option in the game. It decreases the chances of being followed but also prevents you from seeing your surroundings.

Soma Catherine And Main Character

Soma is a survival horror sci-fi game that makes you paranoid. Ambiguity is introduced in the experience in a way that means you are never really sure what to believe. There are vile creatures, great jump scares, and many other elements of the genre. However, Soma excels in philosophical questions and psychological horror just as well.

Although the game happens underwater instead of out in space, the setting works similarly in many ways. There are plenty of dark, tight corridors that keep you constantly anxious about what comes next.

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