[Quiz rpg: The world of mystic wiz]Liu Zhongki mentioned the N number in Liu Quiz: I am really angry,I hope that I can tell the most severe punishment



  ”Liu Quiz On The Block” broadcast on the 15th ushered in its 50th issue,So I invited the 20th level (this year’s enrollment).Still is conducting students in the life.

  The first student Li Junshu (transliteration) is very like literature,Liu Zhongki also asked: “What is the reason for choosing a national professional?Li Junshu: “I like literature very much from Xiao.Now my dream is.Want to write a poem or novel.He mentioned that because it was in very difficult conditions,After that, I wanted to be a person who helped society.

  And Li Junshu also read the recently written poem “how is the world?It is still good to have a good end,Instead, the smile tiger is closely staring at the next patient’s unpleasant pain.because of this,I am afraid of the feeling of breathing.It seems that those souls that are trampled,Because they are becoming a sick soul,Cannot be exposed to outside,It is possible to have a stride existence in the night street.Only like the same murderer,Single is those nights,It is the season of the day. “And said: “See the recent events in the society,Personal feelings.”


  Liu Zhongxi: “There are a lot of public anger recently.Contains those inside.Very angry.Li Junshu also said: “Write down after seeing” N “incidents”,I also participated in the wish,After that, there is a bit touch,Write a poem.Liu Zhongxi: “I also participated in the wish, I and Cao Shihao.I really hope to give them a major punishment,Is something that can’t be forgiven.It’s really too angry recently.I really hope that the most severe punishment can be sentenced.”The audience resonates after the show is broadcast.