[Rem Emilia]Emilia Wickstead autumn and winter new product breaks the convention brings a visual feast



  recently,Emilia Wickstead2019 autumn and winter new product release,In its exquisite detail, a stunning work was born under the design philosophy of unique design concept.Ado,Let’s walk into the fashion world of Emilia Wickstead.


  As we all know,Striped elements are classic and never time-oriented design elements.It is clear,Emilia Wickstead also understands this style,This time I use a classic and refornable stripe in this new product.With gray as a base color,The upper collar is designed as a word,Perfect display of sexual lock bones,The sleeves are designed as bat sleeves.Xiaobian estimates that this is designed to cover the meat,Specially added belt bundles,Easy bunch of graceful waist,Wearing out is this GAI’s most old girl.


  Rose red coat with dark gray colibo,It’s really important for winter,Rose red and stripe elements are ingeniously integrated together,There is no feeling,have to say,The length and width of this collar are not all people can control.Anyway, Xiaobian is not,There may be suffocated around the neck around the neck.Shando will definitely drag away (Xiaobian: I am too difficult).


  What is awesome isDark gray and striped matching are indeed,Apparel design is innovation, creativity,This dress,Smartly integrate into the delicate striped decorative body,The neck is more striking,This spacious bat sleeves are also very eye-catching.

  Emilia Wickstead founded the brand created by the British designer Emilia Wickstead, 2008.Emilia Wickstead brand with feminine color and charming,Obviously this new product release Emilia Wickstead continues its previous luxury solemn brand characteristics,Looking forward to the wonderful of the next Emilia Wickstead to us.