[Owen Morgan Cobra Kai]Owen,Decisive battle, who is fighting


  You are a fireworks that I am around the mountain river, I have encountered the fireworks!


  We are busy in 2020, No matter whether it is successful, 2020 is fast,We have a vision of the growth of Owen in this year.Whether it is a lens performance or a variety of performances have a large progress,2020 that is about to end,We have to stay with Owen all the time.Help him be 2020 artists.At this moment,Xiaobian wants to tell everyone that IGL big movement is coming in the last month of the year!Our glory is starting!”Decisive ear of the peak glory” “Are you ready?

  This schedule is a 2020 year collection.IGL Alliance will compete from the four dimensions of work, popularity, influence, and diligence!Among them, this section is the peak popularity unit.Mainly assess the call of IDOL.The IGL Union will count the fans of the fans of Idol and the data of the peak live broadcast.The first is that the cycle fans increment (40% weight) is investigated from 24:00 on January 11th to 24:00 on the evening of January 24:00 Idol’s fan increment.The second is the data of the peak one hour (60% weight).among them,Due to the focus of praise (more than 15%), the number of migration interactions (20%), the average number of online people (25%), the number of voices (35%).

  After the match is clear, we will start rushing!Whether it is “peak one hour” or 2020 artist,We can’t miss it,Owen is worth it.We can be embossed, but the evil Owen’s “peak one hour ‘time is ten o’clock to ten o’clock on January 12th,Tophbus live: Owen686851.


  Growth journey always has precious moments,I hope to be in 1.12 special days,We can witness together.I believe that Owen will also use the most full state to meet this moment.No matter what to do,As long as you are,The biggest comfort,It is also our companionship.


  Night on January 12th,Ten or 11 o’clock, we,Owen live broadcast!