[Cobra Kai Karate]Walking Dead S10 regression schedule is announced,Obama couple Netflix comedy focusing government operation


  AMC latest official,”The Walking DEAD” will be officially returned to February 28 next year,The official previously added extra 6 episodes for the original season.

  It is reported that,By, before the TV premiere every Sunday TV,This drama is in advance to digital platform AMC + every Thursday.This means that you can see the play at February 25.() In addition,”Perry Mason” Robert Patrick and “Cobra Kai” OKEA EME-AKWARI will also join us.Adam Conover, ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING, will build a comedy THE G Word for Netflix.The drama enters the interior of the government machine,And introduce the public service to the audience.It will ask: Is the government a dirty word or a trusted institution?Combined with the documentary elements of this draft plan to start shooting in early 2021,Please pay attention.News source: deadline