[bear lake state park]Fees doubled for out of staters at some state parks


  Starting today (June 10), a handful of Idaho’s more popular state parks will double camping and entrance fees to out-of-staters.

  The increase complies with a new state law to catch certain busy parks up to fee levels charged in surrounding states. The daily, non-resident entry fee at Bear Lake, Farragut, Hells Gate, Priest Lake and Round Lake state parks will be $14 starting today — twice the fee for Idaho residents at those parks. At other state parks, Idaho residents and out-of-state guests will pay the same $7 fee to get in.

  Camping fees for out-of-state residents at Farragut, Henrys Lake, Ponderosa, Priest Lake and Round Lake state parks will be double what Idahoans pay. For example, a basic campsite at those parks will cost $48 for a night, while a site with full hookups will cost $64 for a non-Idaho resident — in both cases, double the $24 and $32, respectively, that Idahoans pay, according to State Parks and Recreation.

  “The changes will keep Idaho competitive with surrounding states, which have similar surcharges for out-of-state guests,” said Susan Buxton, director of State Parks and Recreation. “Even with these increases, our parks are a good value given the exceptional recreational opportunities.”

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  State Parks officials said the changes were mandated by House Bill 93 passed this year.

  The new revenues “will primarily be used to upgrade park facilities and fix aging infrastructure,” Parks and Recreation said.

  Idaho State Parks reported a visitation record in 2020 of nearly 7.7 million people coming to the parks for day use and camping — 1.2 million more than the previous high number. About 30 percent of last year’s visitors were from out of state.

  Parks and Recreation is also increasing the annual vehicle entry fee for all users to $80 starting June 10. Idaho residents can still buy an annual state park passport sticker for their vehicles for $10 from the local department of motor vehicles when they register their vehicle.