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  A lot goes into upgrading weapons in Wolfenstien: Youngblood. With a bit of knowledge, the process becomes a lot easier.

  By Matthew D’Onofrio

  Published Mar 26, 2021


  Wolfenstein Youngblood Weapon Upgrades And Skins

  Wolfenstein: Youngblood?is an FPS video game that came out on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4,?and Xbox One in July 2019?(and Google Stadia in November 2019).?The story follows twin sisters Jessie and Zofia Blazkowicz as they fight Nazis in?Paris, France in an alternate reality in the 1980s. In addition to awesome gadgets and neat abilities, the duo uses lots and lots of guns and other weapons to win the war.

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  The game features a system where the player can upgrade and modify their weapons.?There are attachments and brands and skins and modifiers. Some give bonuses and others change gameplay. Also, some boost stats while others just make them look cool.


  Wolfenstein Youngblood Silver Coins

  In the game, the player will come across Silver Coins. This is the currency used to?buy new skins and helmets for the power suit as well as pep signals and boosters. By far the best use for the Silver Coins though is weapon upgrade (and skins).

  Unfortunately, Silver Coins are scarce. They are found scattered throughout Paris or in yellow and red boxes. However, there are workarounds. The player gets some for finishing main missions and side missions. Both say how many Silver Coins are rewarded too before they even begin the quest.

  Aside from missions, there are?Actions, which are random events that award the player with Silver Coins too. Also, they can complete the daily and weekly challenges from Abby in the resistance hiding place for even more Silver Coins.

  Wolfenstein Youngblood Weapon Upgrade

  There are many different kinds of weapons in the game. (And they all have German names.) There is the Pistole, the?Maschinepistole, the?Blitzgewehr, the Sturmgewehr, the Kugelgewehr, the Laserkraftwerk, the?Elektrokraftwerk, and the Dieselkraftwerk.

  All of these firearms may be upgraded and in several unique ways. In fact, even the melee weapons in the game are upgradeable (but instead exchanged for a more powerful version).

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  In addition, the player can pick up heavy weapons such as the Ubergewehr. Some enemies will use it and drop it after being killed. By acquiring the Bigger Guns skill, heavy weapons may be lifted. But only after getting the Extreme Gun Pocket skill can they be stored in the player’s inventory. (This makes it subsequently upgradeable.)


  Wolfenstein Youngblood Weapon Attachment

  Each weapon has five upgrades or attachments. The player can change the?receiver, the sight, the magazine, the barrel, and the grip. Each component changes the efficiency of the weapon in different ways.

  These do not necessarily improve the stats on a weapon (although they can). Instead, modifications add something to it such as a flashlight or a muzzle. Or, they change the weapon like going from semi-automatic to automatic.

  For example, the automatic receiver on the Pistole allows it to be shot in rapid-fire mode. The heavy receiver on the Bliztgewehr just makes it do more damage. The semi-auto receiver on the Sturmgewehr makes it semi-automatic instead of automatic. The automatic transformer on the Laserkraftwerk makes it deliver a constant beam. And the napalm injector on the Dieselkraftwerk makes it shoot out explosions of pure fiery hell.

  Wolfenstein Youngblood Weapon Brand

  Every upgrade is tied to a specific brand: Nadel, Tempo, and Stier. Nadel specializes in accuracy; Tempo specializes in speed; Stier specializes in power.

  On top of this, if the player applies three upgrades within a specific brand, they get a set bonus. Nadel will give more?headshot damage;?Tempo will give a better fire rate;?Stier?will give higher (raw) damage. There is only one set bonus available on each weapon because there are just five parts attachable.

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  When it comes down to it, the best upgrades are the ones that improve the shooting rate/speed of the guns. Following that, it is important to up the damage capabilities of the guns. Aside from both of these essential improvements, increasing the capacity of the clips of the guns will go a long way.


  Wolfenstein Youngblood Max Level

  Besides upgrading or modifying weapons, the player can improve themselves in a couple of other ways.

  Every time they level up after gaining enough experience points, the player will deal two percent more damage. On top of that, each time they kill an enemy with a certain weapon that weapon itself gains separate experience points. There are Weapon Mastery levels in the game; these stack damage bonuses even further. So, the player will want to use their favorite gun(s).

  Wolfenstein Youngblood Weapon Skin

  If the player has upgraded their weapons enough, or they just value style over efficiency, the game allows them to alter their weapons’ appearance.

  All of the firearms have cosmetic possibilities. The guns’ color is changeable, using skins. Of course, this means allocating Silver Coins towards swag rather than skill. But it is up to the player after all.

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