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  It’s so easy to plan a game night with your SO or your bestie, whether you’re getting your game on IRL or staying connected through FaceTime or Zoom. While many of the most popular games are designed for a large group of people, there are so many fun options where you and a plus-one can compete head-to-head. If you’re looking for a new option (or three) to add to your game night arsenal, these 16 two-player games will have you competing and bonding at the same time.

  Whether you’re looking for an online game to stay connected with a friend or an in-person game to challenge a roommate or partner to, there is no shortage of options to let you flex on your competitor. Whether you want to channel your inner Beth Harmon a la The Queen’s Gambit or you want to shut down the Scrabble competition once and for all, it’s so easy to challenge one worthy contender to play against you — whether you’re sitting in the same room or heating up the competition during a Zoom call.

  Keep in mind that a lot of these classic in-person games are also available online, or you can get creative using Zoom or an app when competing against your long-distance bestie or SO. When your one-on-one hang needs a little help, these two-player games are a great place to get started.

  Want to prove you’re the chief wordsmith? Get in on a game of Scrabble with the physical board game with someone in your household or play Scrabble GO with friends online via the app. The app version is free to download and play on Google Play or the App Store, making it a must-try if you’re challenging someone over a video chat.

  Scrabble GameAmazon

  Scrabble Game$18

  While Trivial Pursuit is a classic, the game-makers are always coming up with new versions to help you test your knowledge. You can choose from editions like a Lord of the Rings version or one geared towards Friends fans.

  Trivial Pursuit: ‘Friends’ The TV Series Edition Trivia Party GameAmazon

  Trivial Pursuit: 'Friends' The TV Series Edition Trivia Party Game$20

  Want to spice up a date night in and learn more about your partner? While it’s not competitive, the Intimacy Deck is sure to provide hours of entertainment and bonding with 150 prompts to get the conversation started.

  Intimacy Deck by BestSelf — 150 Engaging Conversation Starters for Couples to Strengthen Their RelationshipAmazon

  Intimacy Deck by BestSelf — 150 Engaging Conversation Starters for Couples to Strengthen Their Relationship$25

  This two-person game is all about how fast you are. The object of the game is to try to get rid of your deck of cards first by matching the shape, count, or color on the cards to the master deck.

  Blink Family Card GameAmazon

  Blink Family Card Game$6

  This classic game relies more on luck than on any skills, but it’s pretty easy to play at home even if you don’t have a set. As long as you have five dice, you can pull up an online score record and keep track on your phone.

  Yahtzee ClassicWalmart

  Yahtzee Classic$6

  Whether you’ve been playing for years or you picked up chess after watching The Queen’s Gambit, it’s no secret this is one of the best two-player games to test your strategy skills and decision-making prowess under pressure. If you’re looking to challenge a friend at chess virtually, Chess With Friends Free is available to download via Google Play and the App Store.

  Chess Armory 15-Inch Wooden Chess Set with Felted Game Board Interior for StorageAmazon

  Chess Armory 15-Inch Wooden Chess Set with Felted Game Board Interior for Storage$33$27

  Those who don’t want to spend time scouring for the perfect game might just fall back on a tried-and-true favorite: Truth or Dare. You don’t need anything to start playing this game except a friend and a good, old-fashioned sense of creativity.

  Recreate the classic bar game at home without leaving your living room. You can purchase either mini or full-sized Jenga sets online.

  Jenga Classic GameAmazon

  Jenga Classic Game$13

  This is another game where you’ll have to either create a homemade cornhole set or purchase one ahead of time, but it’s a more relaxed option if you’re grilling or hanging out outside with a friend.

  Cornhole Regulation Bean-Bag Toss Board SetAmazon

  Cornhole Regulation Bean-Bag Toss Board Set$13

  Many free PC co-op games come with two-player (or more) options, such as Disney game gems Kingdom Hearts Unchained on iOS. While you can play with up to six people on your phone, you can also fight alongside your favorite Disney characters solo or with another person.

  Fans of Exploding Kittens can have fun playing the game online with the app via Google Play or the App Store for $1.99. If you haven’t played it yet, the game is a great way to bond, working as a competitive card game with power-ups and downgrade cards, and the app lets multiple people play the same game together virtually.

  These two-player virtual games like 'Exploding Kittens' are so much fun.Exploding Kittens

  Gaming systems and PC games are a natural way to play together online. Some games are perfect for two players, such as Minecraft, but you can also play video games like Halo or Call of Duty with just two people.

  Although not all of the games on Snapchat are solely two-person, there are a few that offer the chance to play rounds against one other person. For instance, you can challenge a friend to a game of Bitmoji Tennis or Slide the Shakes and compare your scores via the leaderboard. The best part is, the games on Snapchat are free and always available in the Games section of your Chat options.

  Many games on Facebook instant games can be played with just two players. These include classics like pool, bowling, or trivia games like SongPop Arcade. You’ll be able to compare scores or even show off your word skills by challenging someone to Words With Friends 2.

  Monopoly is a classic, and you can acquire monopoly or bankrupt people in a two-player game. This online game of Monopoly is free and allows you to add a friend, so you can play together from separate computers or on the same phone as your friend if you’re hanging out together IRL.

  You can play Monopoly with one other person for a fun two-person game.MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images/MediaNews Group/Getty Images

  Arcade games are nostalgic, but it’s much easier to play with a friend online than hunting down an arcade in real life. If you’re looking for a classic two-player game, you can play air hockey with a friend with a free app via Google Play or the App Store.

  This article was originally published on 03.21.20