[Untitled Goose Game]Untitled Goose Game is coming to Fall Guys


  Last year’s viral video game hit, Untitled Goose Game, comes to one of 2020’s biggest games, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, later this week. Developer Mediatonic revealed Fall Guys’ new goose costume during a stream on Twitch on Tuesday, explaining that the new cosmetic addition will arrive this Friday, Nov. 13.

  Oh, and the Mediatonic team was wearing homemade goose costumes during their Fall Guys stream, in case you were perplexed by the screenshot above. Sadly, the Untitled Goose Game costume does not appear to give players the ability to obnoxiously repeatedly honk in Fall Guys; all I heard were the traditional coos of a bumbling Fall Guys bean during Mediatonic’s stream.

  Arriving today in Fall Guys is the season 2.5 update, which adds Big Fans, a new level that’s all fans, all the time; a pint-sized spinning hammer that goes by the name Lil Yeety; a “huge range of Round remixes”; and sundry bug fixes and improvements.

  Check out Fall Guys’ mid-season update trailer below or hit up Mediatonic’s blog for more details. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.