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  10 Best Armor Sets In Darksiders 3

  By TG Staff

  Updated Feb 23, 2021


  As Fury takes on the Seven Deadly Sins, Darksiders 3’s Horseman will need to wear the right armor. Which armor set is the best in the game?


  Armor is one of the more important aspects of gear in Darksiders 3. It provides defense, enhanced abilities, special powers, and generally enables the character to slash and crush enemies much faster.


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  The most powerful set of armor is honestly the one that best caters to the player’s desired playstyle. For instance, certain players may prefer to use Havoc while others will largely ignore it.?Nevertheless, here are the armor sets ranked in terms of power for the average player.

  Unless stated otherwise, cited percentages refer to an armor that has been upgraded completely.

  Updated February 23rd, 2021 by Ben Baker: After players determine which set of armor they want, it’s important to know how to obtain them. Some are automatically given to the player, others are unlocked through a standard playthrough and some of the more powerful ones are a bit tricky to find. To help players give Fury a fighting chance here’s how to get each set of armor.


  Darksiders 3 Default Armor

  Obviously, the Default Armor would sit at the bottom. It’s the armor the player obtains in the beginning and is quickly outpaced by other sets later on. When fully upgraded, it comes with a +35% HP and a 29% boost to Physical and Arcane damage.

  It’s a viable set of armor that can serve the player well throughout the game. At higher difficulties and in New Game +,?the Default Armor will start having problems, but for the average game, it’s not bad.

  Darksiders 3 Raiment of Armageddon

  The Raiment of Armageddon seems less geared for combat than it is for Lurcher farming. In terms of fighting bosses and beating the game, it’s not the greatest, but for those who need to farm a lot of Lurchers, it could be one of the better sets.


  The Raiment of Armageddon provides a 35% bonus to Physical and Arcane damage when fully upgraded. Lurcher killing gets a 160% boost and shattering crystals are 150% more effective. It’s a good set for saving up for better sets.

  Oddly this less powerful armor is arguably one of the hardest to obtain. The player is rewarded with this set of armor after completing an Armageddon run or a New Game + run. This means the player must first beat the game normally and then once again before getting this armor.

  Darksiders 3 Reaper's Shadow Mail

  Reaper’s Shadow Mail is a balanced set that prioritizes Arcane damage. In fact, Arcane damage is boosted by 55% when fully upgraded, which is good for all those Arcane counters the player will likely be doing.


  Lurchers gained from killing are raised up to 140% and?the Reaper’s Shadow Mail also provides a nice health regeneration boost of +138. This is a great set for the early to mid-game as players learn their preferred playstyle and don’t feel like switching their armor around a lot.

  The Reaper’s Shadow Mail is unlocked in Targon’s store when the player defeats Wave 75 of the Crucible. It will still cost 60 Tokens to purchase which is 60 thousand points.

  Darksiders 3 Flame Hollow

  Flame Hollow is considered to be the weakest of the Hollow sets, though player preference takes effect here. This set boosts Flame Arcane damage by 80% at the max level. It?also provides a nice 21% reduction in physical damage.


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  Shattering Lurcher crystals nets 70% more, which is nice for farming. Players that like the Flame aspects will enjoy this armor and it’s worth getting as it’s needed for the Keepers of the Void DLC. It’s also one of the best for single target damage.

  Flame Hollow armor is available in Vulgrim’s store after defeating the boss Wraith. The set of armor will be available for purchase for 10 thousand souls.

  Darksiders 3 Storm Hollow

  The Storm Hollow is very similar to the Flame Hollow in terms of stats. It boosts Strom Arcane damage by 80% when fully upgraded and the Physical Reduction is 21%. The Lurcher bonus from shattering crystals is 70%.


  It’s a little better than the Flame Hollow because of its special abilities. The counter provides a bit of AOE damage that can also cause stagger on weaker units, which is handy if the player gets swarmed. It can also do some ranged attacks for those more annoying enemies.

  Storm Hollow can only be unlocked in Vulgrim’s store after defeating the boss Avarice. Once the boss is defeated it can be purchased for 20 thousand souls.

  Darksiders 3 Force Hollow

  The Force Hollow is a replica of the other Hollows in terms of stats. At max level Force Arcane is boosted by 80%, Physical Reduction is 21%, and Lurcher gains from Crystals is 70%.


  The Force Hollow is powerful for its AOE capabilities. The jump charge attack can often clear clusters of weak enemies. The armor deals a lot of knockback and stagger to provide breathing room and keep enemies stun locked. It may struggle a bit against single targets but for clearing rooms, the Force Hollow is hard to beat.

  The Force Hollow set of armor will become available in Vulgrim’s store after slaying the boss Lust. Once Lust is defeated this set of armor can be purchased for 30 thousand souls.

  Darksiders 3 Stasis Hollow

  The Stasis Hollow armor is the most powerful of the hollows. The stats are identical to the?other Hollow sets,?offering +80% for Stasis Arcane damage, 80% Physical damage reduction, and a +21% to Lurchers from shattered crystals.


  The Stasis Hollow’s attacks cause enemies to slow significantly, making it easier to strike them and dodge their attacks. The armor can also produce a powerful shield that blocks just about anything enemies can throw at the player. Players who have mastered dodging and attacking may not like this set, but everyone else will find it to be very helpful against tough opponents.

  The final set of Hollow armor is unlocked at Vulgrim’s store by defeating the boss Gluttony. Afterward the Stasis Hollow set of armor can be bought for 40 thousand souls.

  Darksiders 3 Chaos Bringer's Armor

  For players who want to deal straight forward damage and don’t like using special abilities or powers, this armor is for them. The Chaos Bringer’s Armor boosts Physical damage output by 52%.


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  The armor also comes with a reduction in physical damage of 36%. That said,?one of the biggest prizes with this set is the 46% boost to HP it provides. As many players will attest, HP is king at higher difficulties and in New Game +.

  The Chaos Bringer’s Armor is available in Targon’s store after completing Wave 50 of the Crucible. It costs 60 Tokens which is 60 thousand points.

  Darksiders 3 Panoply Of Champions

  For players that like to use special abilities and powers, the Panoply of Champions is one of the best. With this set of armor, the player receives a ton of boosts to their Havoc and Wrath regeneration rates.


  For instance, the Havoc Bar gain per minute is raised by 24% when this set is fully upgraded. The Havoc duration is also extended by 148%. There is also a bonus to Wrath gain from Wrath Lurchers of 46%. For players who like to enter Havoc form and utilize Wrath, the Panoply of Champions armor is probably the best.

  The Panoply of Champions is the ultimate prize at Targon’s store in the Crucible. It’s only unlocked after completing Wave 100 at the very end. It will cost 60 Tokens so players need to cash in 60 thousand points.

  Darksiders 3 Abyssal Armor

  Anyone familiar with the franchise will know that Abyssal Armor is always the best and for good reason. This set of armor provides a balance of bonuses that serve the player no matter the circumstances.

  Physical and Arcane damage is boosted by 45%, Wrath Bar gains per minute are raised by 30%, and Lurcher gains from shattered crystal are at?150%. A really nice perk of this set is the +220 HP regenerated per minute. The only downside to the Abyssal Armor is that the player needs to defeat the Keepers of the Void DLC. But for those looking to get into New Game + on higher difficulties, this is the armor to use.

  To obtain the Abyssal Armor set players must complete the entire storyline for Keepers of the Void DLC.

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