[OnlyGame: Gamer Girls]“Woo-hoo! Yippee! ki-yay!”: Sunbury man “manifests” his $829,000 TattsLotto win!


  After years of trying to “manifest” a lottery win, a Sunbury man is in celebration mode, after scoring more than $829,000 in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw.

  The Victorian held one of the seven division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto draw 4167 on Saturday 26 June 2021. Each division one winning entry scored $829,588.27.

  When an official from The Lott called the winner this morning, he had just gotten out of bed and was getting ready for work, with no idea his life had changed forever.

  “Oh my god! Oh my god!” he screamed loudly after his winning news was confirmed.

  “Holy sh**! What the hell!

  “Oh my god! That’s bloody good news!

  “Yay! Woo-hoo! Hallelujah! Yippee ki-yay!

  “I am just waking up! This is the best wake-up call ever.

  “I am shaking, girl! I am shaking!

  “This is fantastic. This is an absolute dream!

  “I can’t stop crying, but these are happy tears. I promise you they are very, very happy!

  “You’ve made my year! My life! My hands won’t stop bloody shaking, and I can’t stop pacing the house.

  “It’s so funny because last week I was at a coffee shop and I couldn’t stop staring at the TattsLotto sign that was out the front of a newsagency next door.

  “I had been manifesting winning TattsLotto for a few years now, so I was just looking at the sign and imagining what it would be like to win. Then I went and bought my ticket online.

  “Well, it worked! These numbers, which I have been using for years and years, have finally delivered me a division one win.

  “I am blown away! Thank you so much.”

  When asked how he planned to enjoy his windfall, the delighted winner didn’t hesitate.

  “This is amazing! This is my mortgage completely paid off,” he explained.

  “And I can get myself a motorbike! I have always wanted to get myself one.

  “Then I can take my girl and go on trips around Australia with it. It’s been our dream for a while now.

  “The rest I will share with my family.”

  His winning marked 12-game entry was purchased online at thelott.com – Australia’s official lotteries.

  The winning numbers in TattsLotto draw 4167 on 26 June 2021 were 34, 24, 36, 32, 1 and 26, while the supplementary numbers were 7 and 27.

  Across Australia, there were seven division one winning entries in Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw 4088 – two each from Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and one from Queensland.

  The Lott’s division one winning tally has now reached 219 so far this calendar year, including 85 won by Tatts customers.

  In 2020, TattsLotto created 122 millionaires across Australia.

  During this time, there were 312 division one winning in TattsLotto entries across Australia, which collectively won more than $355.13 million.

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  Tonight’s Set for Life draw offers players the chance to win a division one prize of $20,000 a month for 20 years – that’s $20K on Replay! Set for Life is the only game that allows you to play your numbers across seven consecutive daily draws – meaning you have the chance to win $20K on Replay every day of the week.

  The Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot prize is now $1.48 million for draw 1537, while the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot prize is now $500,000 for draw 10475.

  Tickets can be purchased at any licenced lottery outlet, online from thelott.com or via The Lott mobile app.

  The home of Australia’s Official Lotteries, The Lott operates and markets Australia’s leading lottery games customers know and love creating everyday winners, winning every day.