[Far Cry New Dawn]Far Cry 6 Weapons Highlighted in New Trailer at Xbox E3 Event


  During the Xbox E3 event, Ubisoft shows off a brand new Far Cry 6 trailer that gives a look at what weapons and tools players can utilize.

  By Nicholas Pace

  Published Jun 13, 2021


  Far Cry 6 Weapons Xbox E3

  Fans looking forward to the weapon selection in Far Cry 6 can check out a new trailer. Revealed during the Xbox E3 event, Ubisoft gives players a deeper look at the weaponry of the open world title. The trailer showcases a wide variety of different tools and strategies that will help gamers take down Anton Castillo’s legions in Far Cry 6.

  The Far Cry series has been around since 2004 and gives players a chance to experience an open world in first person. Throughout the?different entries, the team develops stories that typically have a charismatic and memorable antagonist. So much so that an upcoming Far Cry 6 DLC?sees fans playing classic villains. But to take on the big bad of this latest title, the main character?can use a plethora of lethal weaponry to get the job done.

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  Far Cry 6 Weapons Xbox E3

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  From the trailer, Ubisoft shows off how each type of mission will provide unique ways to complete. As some may expect, the protagonist can bring different kinds of firearms to help with the objective. Stealth quests will demand signature?gear like bows, hatchets, and high-powered crossbows. If planning on playing the assassin, make use of long-range sniper rifles to eliminate the target quickly. Or if choosing to take an explosive approach, expect rocket launchers, grenades, and flamethrowers.

  However, one trademark of the series is making use of unorthodox weaponry to add a bit of flair. Players can rest easy since one of the most powerful tools of all?is a controllable and deadly rooster.?Which is only adding to the bestiary, since players can?pet the dogs and crocodiles in Far Cry 6. There are some other significant teasers too, such as a backpack that fires a barrage of missiles. Putting on the final touches, Ubisoft shows off vehicular combat with twists like a flying buggy.


  At this point, it would not be a new Far Cry release without a war chest of destructive weaponry. For the newest entry, the team is dialing up the chaos while leaving behind the weapon system of New Dawn. Giving players the flexibility to deal with Castillo and his goons in a bunch of ways should keep the?gameplay fresh.

  After the trailer, it is clear that?Far Cry?6 is bringing major gameplay changes. That said, some gamers might find issue with the overall mission structures. It still looks like they will need to choose between a sneaky or loud style, a standard trope of video game combat. In any case, fans will need to try out a variety of different?methods when the game releases later this October.


  Far Cry 6?launches October 7 on Amazon Luna, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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