[you got me feeling like this oh why why why why why]Nurse Who Lost 12 Stone Has Best Response When Man Who Fat-Shamed Her Asks Her Out


  A dental nurse who once weighed 23 stone has since lost half of her body weight and has now rejected a lad who once fat-shamed her. Watch her show off her remarkable weight loss below:


  Katie Davies, of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire forked out £8,000 ($11,000) on a gastric bypass operation to help her shift the weight – which she said she started gaining at 17 years old, using food as a way of coping with the grief of losing a family member.

  Having dropped her weight to just under 11 stone and a size 12 dress, she claimed she’d found vindication after coming face to face with a guy in her local pub who’d previously made fun of her weight – but now was making advances on her.


  She said: “A boy said to my ex ‘why are you with her?’ – I was sitting right next to him and remember saying ‘I might be fat but I can still hear you’.

  ”Then I lost all this weight and he came over to me in the pub and was like ‘oh, I won’t lie when you were big I really didn’t think you were pretty but you’re gorgeous now. Go on, let me take you out’.”

  Credit: Kennedy New And MediaCredit: Kennedy New And Media

  Davies continued: “I was like ‘are you crazy? Absolutely not, no. How could you have made me feel so bad about myself for having a boyfriend when I was big and now that I’m not you want to take me out? No thank you sir, I’m ok.’”


  Her previous encounter with him had made the nurse so upset she’d gone home. This time around, however, she got in touch with her mum.

  ”I facetimed my mum in the pub toilets being like ‘guess who I’ve just told to bog off – he’s not taking me out’,” Davies said.

  ”It was like redemption. It was very satisfying.

  ”I didn’t have to be horrible to him, or insult him, I just had to say ‘no’ and that knocked his ego enough for him to realise that he shouldn’t have said what he said, and maybe he won’t do it to other girls in the future.”


  Credit: Kennedy News and MediaCredit: Kennedy News and Media

  Credit: Kennedy News And MediaCredit: Kennedy News And Media

  At her heaviest, aged 21, Davies was 23 stone and a size 22-24. She said she struggled to climb stairs without being breathless.

  She said: “It got to the point where I was just so sad all the time.”


  She opted for a gastric bypass six weeks after being told by a doctor she’d need to lose 12 stone to be healthy.

  Feeling like she couldn’t do it by herself, the operation helped her reach the goal by December 2020 – which she describes as a ‘dream come true’.

  She says she’s now a ‘different person’ and the ‘happiest she’s ever been’.