[Animal Crossing]Animal Crossing Island Design Tips To Make Villagers Leave


  While there are many methods to get Animal Crossing villagers to move out, the most common involves just ignoring them. Here are design tips to help.

  By Ky Shinkle

  Published Jun 02, 2021


  Animal Crossing Island Design Tips To Make Villagers Leave

  There are several methods to get rid of unwanted villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, all of which have varying degrees of success and are frequently debated among fans of the game. One of the most common tactics involves trying to neglect villagers to encourage them to leave – many players believe that ignoring certain characters and avoiding interactions with them as much as possible helps determine who will ask to leave the island. Here are some design tips to help Animal Crossing fans avoid their most disliked residents.

  The Animal Crossing series features hundreds of villagers, each of which feature unique visual elements in terms of their wardrobe, character design and furniture choices. Villagers are also split into distinct personality types, some of which tend to be controversial among fans of the series. With so much variety when it comes to Animal Crossing villagers, it seems only natural that some just wouldn’t appeal to certain players – so while just about every Animal Crossing fan has a favorite, they also tend to have a least favorite, or at the very least, a villager they wish would just move away.

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  Animal Crossing Island Design Tips To Make Villagers Leave

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  While Animal Crossing: New Horizons does allow players to complain about certain villagers to Isabelle in the Resident Services building, this gameplay feature doesn’t actually help encourage villagers to move away. Instead, it can reset certain elements, like their catchphrase, back to the default in case players dislike a saying that villagers may have picked up at some point in time. Other methods to make villagers leave, such as time travelling or just waiting it out, can be frustrating or might take too long. This is especially true for players who are eager to gather their favorite Animal Crossing villagers onto their island quickly. Because of this, neglecting villagers continues to be the most popular method for getting them to move out.


  Animal Crossing Island Design Tips To Make Villagers Leave

  Accidentally interacting with a villager while trying to ignore them can be frustrating, as it makes it feel as though any progress towards getting them to move away was undone. The easiest way to avoid this is to cut the villager off from approaching the player at all, and fences make for a convenient method of achieving this. By fencing a villager into their lot,?players can avoid running into them as they complete their daily tasks across the island, and by avoiding unwanted?Animal Crossing villagers thoroughly they can help them get the hint that they ought to?leave sooner rather than later.


  Other more thorough methods of cutting an?Animal Crossing villager off from the rest of the town are possible – for example, New Horizons’ terraforming gameplay feature can be used to isolate them atop a cliff or a small island – but fences are the most simple and easy to remove. It’s important to remember that when villagers are considering leaving the island, a thought bubble will appear over their head. Players will need to engage with the villager in order to discuss the possibility of moving, as well as to encourage them to do so. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, villagers will not leave without direct player approval.


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