[Banjo-Kazooie]When Nintendo’s E3 Direct 2021 Starts (& How To Watch)


  Nintendo will be hosting its next Direct on June 15 during E3 2021, which will contain roughly 40 minutes of information about new software.

  By Scott Baird

  Published Jun 12, 2021


  Nintendo Direct E3 2021 Luigi Cover

  The?Nintendo Direct?that is planned for?E3 2021?is almost here and it could finally give fans a clear picture of what’s ahead for the Switch over the next year. The video game schedule for the rest of 2021 is a lot barer than the first half of the year, and the Switch’s library is no exception.

  E3 2021 has only just begun, but it was pre-empted by some huge announcements at Summer Games Fest 2021. The world was given its first glimpse of?Elden Ring’s gameplay, as well as receiving a concrete release date. Summer Games Fest 2021 was followed by some smaller shows, but E3 is only properly starting today. Fans have Ubisoft Forward, the Devolver Digital show, Xbox and Bethesda showcase, Square Enix Presents, the Warner Bros. Back 4 Blood Presentation, the PC Gaming Show, the Future Games Show, the Capcom Showcase, and the final show, which will be hosted by Bandai Namco.

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  Nintendo Direct E3 2021 Luigi Cover

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  The penultimate show of E3 2021 will be a Nintendo Direct. E3 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic, but Nintendo was present at the previous show, where some of the biggest announcements were for Banjo-Kazooie/Hero coming to?Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?and?the reveal of?the sequel to?Breath of the Wild.?

  Nintendo Direct E3 2021 Cover

  The Nintendo Direct at E3 2021 will be held on June 15 at?9 AM PT/5 PM PST. The streaming links aren’t live just yet, but they should go up on the day of the show and will be included here when available. The links can be found on the page that has been set up for the event on the official?Nintendo?website. The Direct will be roughly forty minutes long and will only focus on Switch games, which means no Switch Pro announcements and no mobile titles. It will be followed by a three-hour-long Treehouse event, where games shown during the event will be played by Nintendo staff.


  There have already been some leaks regarding what will be shown at the Nintendo E3 Direct. It seems that a new?Mario + Rabbids?game is on the way (assuming it’s not announced beforehand at Ubisoft Forward), and there is merchandise in the wild for an upcoming?The Legend of Zelda?35th anniversary celebrations. Outside of those, it’s likely that a new?Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?character will be revealed. The rest of the show is a complete mystery, and it will be interesting to see what Nintendo has prepared for the event.

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  The?Nintendo E3 2021?Direct will take place on June 15 at 9 AM PT/5 PM PST

  Source: Nintendo


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