[death stranding gameplay]Solo-developed ‘Mars First Logistics’ is a physics-based sandbox on Mars


  Mars First Logistics is a physics-based open-world sandbox simulation, and is the work of solo developer Ian MacLarty.

  As described on its Steam page, Mars First Logistics lets players design, build and control their own mechanical creations to deliver cargo to and from colony stations on Mars.

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  As players earn credits and unlock new technology, including servo motors, hydraulic cylinders, and rocket engines, players will be able to upgrade their vehicles to get around the difficult terrain and other harsh elements.


  The cel-shaded visuals and barren terrain makes?Mars First Logistics similar in appearance to indie game Sable.

  However, the gameplay of journeying across vast the open world alone delivering cargo also makes it similar to?Death Stranding.

  ‘It was certainly an influence,’ MacLarty said in an interview with Screenhub. ‘I do remember feeling envious of a lot of the ideas in Death Stranding when I played it, such as how you had to plan your journeys carefully and the way physics was used to make the terrain itself feel dangerous”

  He however clarified that the idea of making deliveries was from simulation games like Mudrunner and Eurotruck Simulator.

  The developer previously experimented with a similar concept in free game Red Desert Render, which involves exploring a vast desert environment. It also features the same landscape engine which MacLarty has adapted for Mars First Logistics.


  The game has currently no release date, although it can be wishlisted on Steam. On considering early access, MacLarty said, “I think it could be a good fit, though I still need to weigh up the pros and cons, so I’m not ready to make a call just yet.”

  “I have quite a bit I still want to do on the game, and I want it to be able to evolve organically. It often happens to me that I discover an interesting idea in the process of making a game and I want to be able to explore those ideas.”

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