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  Skyblivion Team Show Off Progress Made On The Oblivion Remake

  By Rhiannon Bevan

  Published Apr 24, 2021


  More progress has been made on the Skyblivion project – a mod which looks to completely remake Oblivion in Skyrim’s engine.


  Skyrim mods are nothing new. In fact, it’s likely that many won’t touch the game without them. Yet it doesn’t get much more ambitious than the Skyblivion mod, the the project that aims to completely remaster The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion in Skyrim’s engine.


  The team working on the Skyblivion project has today shared an update, showing progress in the environments, particularly in the recreation of landscapes such as castles. The newsletter shared to twitter features the work done in March and early April, and reveals that the city of Leyawinn has been completed by the landscape team. The post also features images of the renovated interiors in the game, and explains that they are looking to surpass what as available not just in Oblivion, but also Skyrim.

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  Elsewhere, the implementation team has been working on weather effects, breathing a bit more life into Cyrodiil than we got back in 2006. In screenshots, we get a look at unique light effects that are still a work in progress, but appear to be a much more realistic sunrise than what’s available in either of the Elder Scrolls games.

  The Blackhorse courier is proud to announce it will be the main supplier of Skyblivion’s new monthly newsletter.

  Here is a snippet of the progress made in the month of March/April.

  Let us know what else you would like to see covered and what your favorite part was. pic.twitter.com/TO1bL5dyUM

  — Skyblivion (@TESRSkyblivion) April 23, 2021

  We got an even larger sneak peak at Skyblivion earlier this year, showcasing an overhauled Cyrodiil in massively improved graphics. The 19 minutes trailer goes over the multiple aspects of development, including implement all 219 quests into the new engine, and completely remaking all 2663 interiors in the game.


  Skyblivion is not new to the scene, and has actually been in development for eight years already. As part of this latest announcement, the team also say they’re open to take on more volunteers. Anyone interested can apply on the Skyblivion website, with available roles in the interior design, 3D, 2D, implementation, navmesh, and coding departments.

  More newsletters such as this are expected once a month. There is currently no public release date for Skyblivion, but in January the team said they are “finally seeing the end of the road”, so Elder Scrolls fans may not have to wait too much longer.


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