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  Square Enix shares the release dates for the Pixel Remasters of its first three Final Fantasy games, as well as their prices.

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  final fantasy 1 lich boss fight

  One of Square Enix’s biggest announcements of E3 2021 was what it called the Pixel Remaster project for Final Fantasy 1 through Final Fantasy 6. The announcement?led to an unfortunate amount of confusion, however, as the short announcement trailer lacked details regarding what the Pixel Remaster effort was and when it would arrive. What’s important is Final Fantasy 1-6 will be re-released soon. Helping to keep things simple, it seems like Final Fantasy 1-3 now have a release date.

  While Square Enix hasn’t officially announced the release dates for its Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster?series, the Steam profiles for the first three games may have confirmed things early. Final Fantasy 1,?Final Fantasy 2, and Final Fantasy 3 each have had their release dates for PC updated to July 28. All three share the same release date, though each game is listed independently outside of a Steam bundle. The listings for Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 5, and Final Fantasy 6 remain an unspecific 2021.

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  final fantasy 1 lich boss fight

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  In addition to the July 28 release date, prices for the first three Final Fantasy games have also been updated on Steam. Both Final Fantasy 1 and Final Fantasy 2 are listed for the price of $11.99. Final Fantasy 3, on the other hand, is listed for $17.99. It isn’t clear why Final Fantasy 3 costs more, but?it isn’t alone at this higher price point. Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 5, and Final Fantasy 6 are also listed for $17.99, though price points could still change.

  The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series sees the first six incredible adventures get a pixel-perfect makeover.

  Each #FinalFantasy title will release individually, and will be coming soon to Steam and mobile platforms. pic.twitter.com/QKEbKFV8aw

  — FINAL FANTASY (@FinalFantasy) June 13, 2021

  Those interested in buying one or more of the Final Fantasy?Pixel Remasters will appreciate that Square Enix will be launching the games at a discount. All three games will be discounted 20% up until August 11, so for two weeks total. That brings Final Fantasy 1 and 2 down to $9.59 and Final Fantasy 3 to $14.39. Alternatively, Final Fantasy fans can buy a bundle of all six games, as well as their OST+Wallpaper add-ons, for 22% off. That brings the price down to $74.82 for the full collection.


  All three of the early Final Fantasy games have also had their Steam profiles updated with new screenshots. It’s a great way to see just what the Pixel Remasters look like. Each features a surprising mix of assets from the original games updated for HD presentation, but mixed with assets from various iterations of each game’s release in the years since. Square Enix clearly believes that the Pixel Remasters offer the best combination of authenticity and modernization it can offer.

  As for the release dates of the remaining three Final Fantasy classics, Square Enix hasn’t provided any further information. Previously, the publisher said that the games would be released as they’re finished throughout the year. Final Fantasy 4 will likely be first, followed by its sequels. As for how quickly they’ll launch, that remains to be seen.


  Final Fantasy 1-3’s Pixel Remasters release July 28 on Mobile and PC.

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