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  With so many things going on in the world, it’s hard not to have an opinion on just about everything. And while airing your views on social media — or, better yet, at family dinner — can lead to some ruffled feathers, there are ways you can (literally) cash in on being opinionated.

  LEO — also known as?Leger Opinion — is an online survey platform that offers people a way to anonymously share their thoughts in exchange for LEO points that can be redeemed for rewards. From research studies to political polls, it’s a great — and totally confidential — way to share your opinions in a meaningful and productive way (read: one that one won’t turn into a fiery Twitter thread).

  LEO was created by Leger, the largest Canadian-owned market research and analytics company, in 2004.

  Currently, it boasts 400,000 members across North America — all of whom earn an assortment of points, gift cards, and other rewards just for each survey completed.



  Online survey topics can range from rating your latest brand encounter to sharing your thoughts on the ongoing pandemic — all of which, of course, remain completely confidential.

  Feel strongly about your municipal services? There’s a survey for that, too. Other topics include travel, banking needs, brand perceptions, general opinion surveys that explore your thoughts on a particular subject, and more.

  No two surveys are the same. One day, you could be sharing your opinions on an upcoming election and the next you could be considering how you feel about your neighbourhood grocery store.

  “A wide variety of organizations use LEO to conduct surveys, including businesses, governments, and more. They genuinely want to know your honest opinions so they can improve their products, services, and policies. When you complete LEO surveys, you contribute to change,” says Guy Girard, vice president, Leger Opinion.

  Who knew your hot takes could help you earn some extra pocket change? And aside?from the general satisfaction that comes with being rewarded for speaking your mind, your online survey answers also have the potential to change the world around you.

  In exchange, you get points that can be redeemed for PayPal transfers, prepaid Visa cards, Uber and Uber Eats credits, as well as gift cards for Walmart, Starbucks, and lots of others.

  Our personal favourite — Love, Hate, Rate — lets you evaluate companies, brands, products, and services in a game-style way that’s particularly fun and engaging.



  Every time you complete an online survey, you will also earn chances to participate in contests to win things like (more) gift cards, iPads, and cash — to name a few.

  For added ease, with the?LEO app, you can turn a short commute or an afternoon coffee break into extra cash with a few swift clicks. That way, you can share your opinions anytime, anywhere — with complete confidentiality. It’s available for free via the App Store or Google Play.

  “At LEO, we understand that sharing your honest opinions can be difficult. We keep your feedback confidential so you can be completely open about your values, your unique experiences, and the changes you would like to see in the world,” shares Lyne Champagne, Leger Opinion’s specialist in loyalty and retention of members. “We value understanding what you really think.”

  If you’re an opinionated person, maybe it’s finally time for it to pay off. To learn more or sign up, you can head to legeropinion.com and use promo code DAILYHIVE for an easy 500 points.