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  If your kid loves Roblox, they will love if you surprisingly turned up the bluetooth speaker and played the songs they love listening to on Roblox.

  By HK Parra

  Published Dec 31, 2020


  roblox-loving kids songs

  If you have kids under the age of 16, chances are good that you know about Roblox, the video game/app that allows users to build games, play games, and connect with other Roblox players. But what you may not know (especially if your child likes to play using headphones) are some of the most popular songs used within the game. That’s about to change. Below, you’ll find ten songs that every Roblox-loving kid knows.

  Some of these songs are specifically designed with lyrics for gamer kids in mind. Others are popular songs that are connected to Roblox because they are played within the games. With about 164 million monthly active users and about half of them being under the age of 16 based in the U.S., you can bet that most of these tunes, if played out loud in your home, will bring fond memories of hours upon hours of Roblox-adventuring to your child. We hope you enjoy at least some of these “Roblox songs.”

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  roblox-loving kids songs

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  This rather curious little diddy may not be winning any Grammy awards any time soon, but it probably would if the kids who devote their free time to Roblox had anything to do with it. Raining Tacos is exactly what you think it might be about.?There’s no deep poetic meaning or artistic similies here. The song gives the ingredient list for tacos: shell, meat, lettuce, cheese over a repeating beat. Maybe that’s not what works for the world’s award-winning songwriters, but it’s a hit when it comes to Roblox!

  Boy meets girl. Boy was always playing Roblox. Girl was always playing Minecraft. This song tells a?classic love story with a modern twist – the boy and girl in question were always playing game franchises that the other despised. She preferred Xbox and he was “Sony forever” using his Playstation. Legend has it these two are still trying to get it together, but the song has been a Roblox and Minecraft favorite.


  Who needs lyrics? Not Nyan Cat. If you have children who were into gaming around 2017, you have most definitely heard this tune in your deepest and darkest most haunted dreams at night. Sure, you wouldn’t want to hear this song played in your car, in the grocery store, or pretty much anyplace else. Although from a video game standpoint, you’d have to agree that Nyan Cat Theme has something going for it. It’s right at home in the Roblox world which must be why kids love it so much!

  Not all of the songs that are accessible via Roblox song IDs were designed to drive parents to a special brand of insanity. And here’s proof! Imagine Dragons’ hit 2017 pop-rock Believer is one of the most popular songs played by Roblox players, and it’s beloved by adults as well.


  He’s Bean, Mr. Bean. And you’ll never forget it after hearing it repeated over and over again during the next two minutes and fifteen seconds after you hit the play button. This is not the theme song to the cartoon?series Mr. Bean: The Animated Series which aired from 2002 to 2019 in which the fumbling Mr. Bean plots to solve various problems usually involving his landlady, Mrs. Wicket, and her sidekick cat, Scrapper.

  In the animated series,?Rowan Atkinson voices all of the mumbles for the character and provides references for Mr. Bean’s signature movements. There are several obbys about Mr. Bean, so it’s no wonder why this song based on the cartoon is a hit with Roblox-loving kids.

  This is another Roblox-oriented favorite with lyrics that only Roblox players can fully appreciate. But there’s something in this song that parents will love as well – a clear message against bullying. After listening to Don’t Call Me A Noob, it’s easy to appreciate the anti-bullying lesson mixed in with fun Roblox references. It’s a reminder that video games are meant for fun and learning, not for teasing other children or trying to make other players feel bad because they might not be as good at the game due to starting at a beginner level. We all have to start somewhere!


  Roblox players know that TheFatRat has gifted the world of Roblox many favorite songs and Monody is just one of them. Time Lapse, Never Be Alone, Infinite Power, Windfall, and Xenogenesis?are just of the favs. Uplifting beat and lyrics such as: “Ever strong in the world that we made,” fit in perfectly as kids code their way to achieving that perfect Roblox world that other players can enjoy.

  This is another easy-listening instrumental that’s gone over in a big way in Roblox land. No lyrics here, just a fun pace of an upbeat track that’s perfect for building those blox and interacting with other players.


  Parents may not appreciate what the “F” stands for in the maker of this tune, but they may be able to appreciate the fact that there are hints of classic 80’s video game sounds found somewhere in this song. A severely-altered autotuned voice adds a goofy quality that Roblox players seem to adore, making this silly song one of the game’s most popular songs.

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